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Design Plans For the Future

The Downtown Clawson Master Plan, adopted  in 2015, provides a framework for development and redevelopment that emphasizes he uniqueness of the downtown.

Preparing the Master Plan With the asistance of Oakland County Planning public participation was obtained through public meetings, online surveys and the Awareness Walk.. The resuilts were compiled in the Downtown Clawson Viisioning Report which helped to form the Downtown Master Plan.

The City of Clawson Master Plan, adopted in 2009, offers guidance for future development throughout the city.

Updates: 5-22-17
Updates to the downtown ordinances are in the adoption process to bring the ordinances in line with the new master plan. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance updates and sent them to City Council with recommendation to adopt. 
Downtown Zoning Ordinance updates as sent to Council for adoption 

Next in line will be the process to adopt the Future Land Use Map.
An update to the City of Clawson Master Plan, for properties outside of the downtown, is currently in the planning stages and expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Plans for Improved Parking

The 2016 Downtown Clawson Parking Study which reviewed parking availability and usage showed adequate parking for the current business needs with space available both on-street and in municipal lots at high use times. New wayfinding signage has been installed in the four municipal lots to alert customers to the other parking options and help with the perception of parking shortage when a lot is full.

As the Downtown flourishes we do recognize the need to create additional parking and to create space that is visually appealing and inviting to our residents and visitors. To visualize that goal we have created a Municipal Parking Concept Plan which increases the parking while adding greenspace and decorative walkways.

Analyzing the Downtown Market

The Downtown Market Analysis Report details the demographics and customer base in the area, summarizes the existing business mix, identifies business gaps, and suggests businesses that will be sustainable in our downtown.

Downtown Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

With the assistance of Main Street and The Greenway Collaborative a plan was developed to improve the safety and connectivity of Downtown Clawson creating a more inviting downtown for walking and cycling.
This plan specifically focuses on improving pedestrian access across 14 Mile Road and Main Street, integrating bicycle facilities into the downtown area and improvements to the streetscape that will further enhance the pedestrian environment and create a strong sense of place.

Completed 2015: the installation of three pedestrian islands on 14 Mile Road. The island locations are: 14 Mile & Washington, 14 Mile between Church & Renshaw, and 14 Mile between Florence & Pare.
Completed 2016; First phase, streetscape landscaping & pedestrian island landscaping
Completed Spring 2017; Final phase of streetscape landscaping


Downtown Clawson…we’re planning for the future