The latest notice from the Engineering Department…..

After talking to businesses and monitoring traffic patterns the following signage changes were made:

  1. “No Left Turn” signs posted on westbound 14 Mile at the intersections of Church Ave. and Renshaw Ave. were removed. This allows for easier access to S.E. & S.W. municipal parking lots.
  2. “No left Turn” signs posted at the Alley along Mohave Cantina exiting @ 14 Mile were removed. This is short term as the alley will soon completely close @ 14 Mile for Concrete replacement and a minor sewer repair.
  3. A second “No Left Turn sign was posted  at the S.W. parking lot entrance on westbound 14 Mile. This is done to prevent excessive traffic stacking in the intersection of 14 Mile & Main St.
  4. Additional signage will be ordered on Monday morning to be placed at various locations to direct motorist seeking municipal parking lots

Attached is a map to illustrate how motorist can access municipal parking lots at all times during Phase 1. While there will be some driveway closing as we work in front of some businesses, no one will be totally blocked from gaining access to that business.

Due to many factors, weather included, it is not realistic to say exactly when we will cross a particular business. We will however juggle signage etc. to maintain some sort of access to that place of business.

DDA Parking Map

Harry G. Drinkwine
Director of Engingeering Services
City Of Clawson