Downtown Development Authority

Mission Statement
To ensure our downtown is a great place to shop, work, enjoy and invest while protecting and enhancing its unique character and history.

Vision Statement

Downtown Clawson will be a vibrant pedestrian-friendly center of commerce. The restored buildings and compatible architecture house a variety of unique specialty retail stores, restaurants and multi-story residence and development.

The downtown is safe, clean, well maintained and adorned with trees, colorful flowers, street furniture, banners and decorative paving. The main streets are lined with on-street parking and surrounded by well designed public parking where patrons access the stores through attractive front and rear entrances.

The downtown is a gathering place for people to mingle in outdoor cafes and public spaces for shopping, eating, entertainment, festivals and family fun.

4The Clawson DDA = Downtown Clawson

The Clawson Downtown Development Authority (DDA), more commonly known as simply Downtown Clawson, is an independent public agency of the City of Clawson whose purpose is to promote the economic and physical revitalization of the downtown business district.A strong downtown center is a major attraction for development and enhances the quality of the life for the entire community. To promote the economic viability of the downtown the DDA coordinates and supports activities and acts as an advocate for a safe, clean and attractive central business district.  As part of its mission, the DDA works to promote economic growth by combining public and private resources help drive development and position Clawson and its downtown for success.

Main Street
An accredited member of Main Street America – a division of the National Trust for Preservation -the Clawson DDA follows the Main Street management philosophy of community driven economic development and historic preservation with an emphasis on “sense of place.”

Goals and Projects
Each year the Board of Directors identifies goals for the upcoming year that include the four points of Main Street  – Organization, Design. Business, and Promotion – and determine projects to realize those goals.

2022-23 Workplan Infographic

2022 Informational Meeting Presentation  and  Mid-Year Budget Review

Funding and Budget
The projects and plans for downtown are funded by several sources with Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) as the primary resource along with a 2 mil levy on properties within the district.

Special events and promotions are supplemented with generous sponsorships while fundraising efforts and promotional sales benefit select priority projects.

Grant opportunities for downtown improvements are continuously explored and utilized.

There are currently no active vendor contracts.

2023-2024 DDA Budget

City of Clawson & DDA Audit as filed 6-30-2022

Development Plan and TIF Plan; as adopted 12-15-2020


Management and Meetings
A Board of Directors, made up of business owners, residents and other stakeholders, establish policy and provide oversight for the organization. The board, in turn, provides direction to the Executive Director to oversee day to day operations & assist the committees.

 Board Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.
City Hall Community Room,
425 N. Main St.

 The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

View the archive of minutes, agendas, and monthly financial reports at Minutes-On-Demand.
Want to watch a meeting?
Meetings are recorded live and saved on the City of Clawson YouTube channel.

Contact us
Have questions about downtown businesses, programs, properties or other opportunities?

Contact: Joan Horton, Executive Director

office: 248-435-5299
mobile: 248-219-4022

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Main Street Clawson DDA Bylaws
Downtown Development Authority Act; Michigan Public Act 197 of 1975
Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act; Michigan Public Act 57 of 2018