Board of Directors & Executive Director

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Meetings are recorded live and saved on the City of Clawson YouTube channel

Older meetings are archived on  Clawson Streaming Media Archives

Get to know the Board


The DDA is governed by a 9-12 member board of directors and is chaired by Mary Liz Curtin. A majority of the members must be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district. Boardmembers serve staggered four year terms, and is currently made up of the following members:

Mary Liz Curtin; Chair, downtown business owner – Leon & Lulu and Three Cats
Charlie Samson; Vice-Chair,, downtown business owner – Whiskey Taco Foxtrot & Downtown Charlie’s
Valerie Glander; Treasurer, Clawson resident
David Bowlin; Secretary; Clawson resident 
Joe Ghadaf; downtown business owner – Clawson Jewelers
 Martin Juncaj; downtown business owner – Old Detroit Burger Bar
Jeff Margulies; downtown business owner – The Clawsonian
Andrew Margulies; Ex-Officio; downtown business owner – The Clawsonian
Joe Merucci; Clawson resident
Paula Milan, Clawson Mayor
Dennis Weiss; downtown business owner – Weiss Distilling Company

Joan Horton is the Executive Director of the DDA wih an office in City Hall. In-office hours are maintained on a flexible basis as the director is often downtown visiting businesses. Drop ins are welcome but a call to the mobile is suggested.

Joan can be reached at:
425 N. Main
Clawson MI  48017
office 248-435-5299
mobile 248-219-4022