Ordinance, Policies & Licenses

The following is a listing of ordinances, policies, licenses and guides for properties within the DDA district:

 City of Clawson Guide to Development – application, checklist and explanation of the timeline for the review process.

 City of Clawson Zoning  Ordinance outlines accepted business uses for properties in the district, development standards, and regulations regarding building signage, outdoor seating, and more. Consult the Zoning Map within the document to find the business address and determine the zoning area for the address in order to view the appropriate regulations.

 Downtown Zoning Districts – City Center, Central Mixed District, Core Residential 

Sign Ordinance – Regulations for signage

Site Plan Review Ordinance outlines the standards for planning, construction and/or improvements.

Portable Sign Regulations – as in the Clawson Sign Ordinance

*note: all other signage for the DDA is addressed in the City Center Ordinance

Initial Merchant’s Ordinance explains licensing required for each trade or business located within the city – except for attorneys, doctors, accountants and persons licensed under other ordinances.
Merchant’s License Application

Outdoor Cafe Policy ensures uniformity in the administration and oversight of outdoor seating as provided for in the City Center Oridinance.
Outdoor Cafe Permit Application

Redevelopment Liquor License – a special license available only within the DDA district. As with all liquor licensing, it is approved and regulated by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  A resolution of support from Clawson City Council is mandatory for the application.
Contact DDA Director Joan Horton to learn the requirements for this license and the process for application.
For more information see the FAQ page
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City of Clawson Liquor License Application – all liquor license applicants must also receive a city license which is renewed annually