Grants & Other Programs

Jan 23, 2017

Downtown Clawson supports business!

 Grant Programs

The Business Assistance Grant Program was created in 2009 to assist property owners and their tenants interested in improving the physical appearance of their commercial properties or with technical improvements to their business.

Facade Improvement Grants encourage physical improvements that highlight and embrace the original character of the downtown properties. Maintaining the personality and sense of place that is unique to Downtown Clawson is key to our revitalization effort.

Technical Assistance Grants assist with technical improvements that help businesses stay current and show their best face – on both actual & virtual storefronts.

Business Assistance Grant Program
Grant Program Process
Business Assistance Grant Application
Clawson DDA Maintenace Agreement

Signage & Advertising Programs

Here’s Your Sign
A-frame signs are permitted only within the DDA district and with this program we ensure they are special. Attractive eye-catching signs that reflect your unique business and draw in customers – that’s what it’s all about!

Be Seen On TV
Commercials are a powerful form of advertising. With this program we will see that you get a professional advertising spot that can be used on television, YouTube, websites or whatever medium you choose.

Contact us for all the details on these programs. After all, you’re known by the ad you keep.

What happens if you don’t advertise? Nothing!