All the news from the regular board meeting of the DDA in September….

Downtown Businesses

  • Cloverleaf Pizza has received their Certificate of Occupancy at 204 E. 14 Mile and they are now open for business.
  • Sandi Maynard, owner of Unplug and Paint at 126 E. 14 Mile, weeded and brought plants from her yard to improve the pedestrian island in front of her store. Thank you Sandi!
  • 76-84 W. 14 Mile (former Lim’s Palace) renovations continue

Outside the Downtown

  • Work continues at 400 S. Main and on the proposed Biscuits & Gravy at 331 N. Main

Other Development

  • The mixed use development at 516 N. Main continues with the building plan review.
  • The Elliot Park Apartments on Rochester Road will be ready to apply soon for final Certificate of Occupancy for the entire project.

Other News

  • Efforts to improve trash collection in the municipal parking lot continues. Tringali is now picking up 5 days a week or three days a week in municipal lots depending on the location and once a week on sidewalk containers. The DDA is working with SOCCRA on improved recycling pickup.
  • The DDA is considering the purchase of trash rolling carts with enclosure garages for the downtown sidewalks. The garbage truck equipment is able to pick up the carts and the enclosure keeps the trash out of view. A sample of the cart/garage can be viewed at this link:

Poly cart & garage manufactured by Securr

  • Clock update; The HS girls fundraised a total of $5500. Repair & replacement of the motors, controller, clock face and glass will be $8-9000. This does not include the post which is structurally sound but will need body work and paint. (Replacement of the clock is $19,000)
    • This fundraiser received such community support, the Mayor, also a member of the DDA board, will ask Council about additional support to reach the repair goal.
  • Alley artwork; quotes were obtained for CAD drawings, material, cutting & welding and paint and they came in within the grant amount so the approval has been given to start the project with plans to see it installed this year.

Committee News


Trick or Treasure and The Great Pubkin Crawl both return on Saturday, October 29.

  • Trick or Treasure remains an allergy-friendly family event the travels throughout the downtown businesses from noon -2pm.
  • The Great Pubkin Crawl is fun for adult kids with games, contests, prizes and the usual silliness. Reserve a space by pre-registering at this link:

Pubkin Crawl Pre-registration

Dine Clawson

Restaurants are gearing up for the Pubkin Crawl and rolling out new seasonal drink specials


Committee members have been contacting other neighboring communities to inquire about flower basket maintenance to learn what is working in their downtowns so we can prepare a plan for next summer.