All the news that is news from the Director Report at the August DDA board meeting and beyond:

Downtown Business Updates

  • Broadway Square (ACE Development) and Clawson Lofts (townhome development) continue  moving through the construction process
  • Construction also continues on Lucky Duck, 38 S. Main, and Downtown Charlie’s, 230-236 S. Main, and Noori Chicken, 1 S. Main
  • Signage was installed for Weiss Distilling Company, 34 E. 14 Mile
  • The temporary Certificate of Occupancy (COO) for Weiss Distilling for vendors and training has been extended. Full COO will be approved with the completion of brick paver installation at the front of the building

Main Street

  • Wanda Norman, with Rich & Associates, has begun working on the Parking Study. She will be conducting interviews with downtown business owners along with a survey open to everyone that works, visits and enjoys the downtown. (scroll down for the poster with QR code link to the survey)

Other Updates

  • E. 14 Mile Alley: An onsite meeting was held with contractors and engineers to review the project from history to the present situation. A course of action  has been determined to include a new trench drain, brick placement and  installation of the entrance arch
  • SEMCOG will conduct a field visit with DDA and city officials to review traffic on 14 Mile and Main Streets to consider improved transportation and parking options

Building & Planning Department Update

  • Construction continues for Elliot Street apartment complex on N. Rochester Rd.
  • Waiting for site plan submittal for the new development at 516 N. Main

Committee Reports
Design: The new street banners have been hung
Promotion: Cinema in the Street is scheduled for September 11 and four movie selections are presented to the board. Upon discussion there is unanimous agreement to select the movie Field of Dreams.
Business: Social District application has been submitted to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for consideration.