The latest and greatest from the monthly Director’s Report prepared for the DDA board:

December 2018 Director Report

 Downtown Businesses

  • The ACE Hardware property, 149 E. 14 Mile, has sold with Great Lakes ACE remaining as a tenant for with a 10-year lease term. The new owners are exploring options for redevelopment of the site.
  • Grey Wolfe Scriptorium, 145 E. 14 Mile, has closed for business as of December 22. The business owner decided to return the business to a publishing and writing workshop focus without book sales.
  • A meeting was held at City Hall with all of the member businesses and tenants in the Shared Parking Agreement, (Old Port to Carmoni’s). Agreements were made on No Parking signage at lot entrances, restricted parking in front of individual businesses based on business hours and employee parking solutions
  • Zeoli Restaurant, 110 E. 14 Mile, has expanded their service to brunch on Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 3pm
  • Microblading Esthetics Pro Studio, formerly located on the second floor of 11 W. Main, is now in a new home at 242 S. Main

Project Updates.

  • The new alley entrance arch for the E. 14 Mile alley leading to the SE municipal parking lot has been delivered to DPW. Installation will take place on the DPW schedule. The DDA received a grant for the project and request for reimbursement has been made as per the terms of the grant.