The latest and greatest news and updates for the Summer of 2019 from the DDA Directors Reports to the DDA Board of Directors

Downtown Businesses

  • White Wolf Patisserie, 41 E. 14 Mile has received a Certificate of Occupancy and the Planning Commission has approved the mural for the rear façade. Look for a soft (unannounced) opening very soon.
  • Signage has been approved for Noble Fish, 45 E. 14 Mile and White Wolf Patisserie, 41 E. 14 Mile
  • Black Lotus Brewing Company, 1 E. 14 Mile has lost one of the founding partners but the business remains open without change to its business operations
  • 230 S. Main, formerly Yojo Frogurt Café, has a new tenant – Froze Creamery. They will serve ice cream and bubble tea
  • Carmoni’s Pizza, 202 E. 14 Mile, has a change of ownership and will open as Uncle Andy’s Pizza. They currently have locations in Berkley and Farmington
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts has selected Clawson as a grant beneficiary for a public art mural. The site selected is the south wall of Clawson Jewelers at 45 S. Main. A draft design has been chosen that reflects all aspects of Clawson life. The work is expected to be complete in mid-October.
  • Moose Winooski, 38 S. Main, has been sold as, after 31 years, Larry Johnson decided to retire. There is no word from the new owner on their intentions.
  • New metal sheeting has been installed on the upper façade of 116-118-122-140 S. Main. Business signage will now be returned to the façade.
  • Weiss Distiillery, 24-34 E. 14 Mile, has submitted revised site plans and will appear before the Planning Commission on August 27
  • Plans have been submitted for new development and remodel of the ACE building and property, 149 E. 14 Mile. The project is scheduled for the Planning Commission on August 27
  • Three Cats Café, 116 W. 14 Mile, will appear before the Planning Commission to ask for a temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Main Street

  • Main Street Oakland County is creating a website for all Main Street Each downtownwill have aseparatepage and link to their own sites. We are all submitting content and they hope to have the site active in September
  • There is a workshop offered in Lake Orion on Increasing Sales and Profits as a Destination Business. The speaker is Jon Schallert. The date is Thursday, September 5and the workshop is free but must register in advance


  • The signals on the crosswalk at the pedestrian island on E. 14 Mile have been replaced and are functional.
  • Reminder: The Clawson Town Market is open every Wednesday from 3-7pm at The Salt & Sugar Company, 139 W. 14 Mile