The latest and greatest from the Director’s Report at the June DDA meeting:

Downtown Businesses
·     Weiss Distilling Company, 24/34 E. 14 Mile, will be submitting site plans soon and Design Committee will need to review for Façade Grant consideration
·     House of Optical, 250 E. 14 Mile, received variances from ZBA regarding kneewall for parking lot screening and retaining the monument sign
·     Tavern on the Main was a topic at the last Council meeting with Howie Airress and the restaurant manager both speaking on parking issues with Woodpile. City Manager was asked to review.

Main Street

  • Have requested a consultant to help develop a Fundraising Plan as this years Tech Visit
  • MSOC has partnered with Genesys Credit Union and with Flagstar Bank for Micro Grants one for Placemaking & Façade Grants and the other for Business Start-Up
    • Something we looked into several years ago but not viable for our size


  • Road Resurfacing Project: remains on target for July 1st.
  • Construction updates continue on​   
  • Delivery of flower baskets was held back until closer to road completion but will be in place prior to July 1
  • Continue to make progress on writing the new TIF Plan and making progress with Susie on the New Business Information Packet
  • No reply from TIA to our traffic consultant re: crosswalk enhancements

Committee News

  • DDA’s are now eligible for state gaming licenses. We will be making application to help fundraising efforts
  • A design for an archway at the E. 14 Mile entrance was approved
  • Preparations for the Cinema and the entry in the 4th of July parade are nearly complete. Volunteers for the pre-move game set up is still needed.