Here is the good news: Business is booming in Clawson! However, our successful restaurants and stores generate lots of trash. The Downtown Development Authority (DDA)  has been dealing with the problem for a long time Here is the latest:

Municipal Parking Lot Trash Pickup
The municipal lots are being assessed for load to determine the number of pickup days required to meet the need. This is for trash pickup only.  Recycling & cardboard are separate issues and service providers
NW lot
Pickup appears adequate at this time.
NE lot
Trash pickup is currently 5 days a week and an additional trash container has been added outside of the enclosure as a temporary measure while needs are assessed.
SE lot
Container is currently the largest available. Need for additional pickups are being assessed by Tringali.
SW lot
Trash pickup is currently 5 days a week. We are looking at the possibility of moving the cardboard container to a spot outside of the enclosure and adding a second dumpster inside.

Recycling and Cardboard pickup
·         It appears the actual use for recyclables is limited with trash and cardboard often in the cans
·         Should we clean up the extra clutter by removing all the small recycle cans and add additional cardboard dumpsters? Please let us know your thoughts.
Sidewalk Containers
·         The DDA purchased 55 gal. trash barrels from a DPW vendor to help with trash containment as a temporary measure. Then we learned Tringali would not pick them up and the DPW would not either, so DDA board member Charlie Samson was recruiting volunteers to help him with trash pickup.
·         Tringali has suggested a wheeled cart which their trucks can pick up.
We don’t want to look like that neighbor who never puts his cans away.
·         Here is the rolling cart and enclosure that the DDA would prefer to see in the downtown. The capacity is 65 gallons, cost is $1400 each (yes, trash cans are very expensive.)  https://trash-cans.com/collections/trash-can-enclosures-for-standard-city-trash-recycle-bins/products/outdoor-trash-or-recycle-cart-garage-solid-body-holds-one-65-gallon-poly-cart-cg65
·         The existing black steel slotted trash containers are about half the capacity and come in at $900.
·         While we sort this out, the DPW has purchased rolling carts from Tringali and placed them downtown and will use them elsewhere in the city when not needed downtown. While they look better than open barrels it still looks like garbage cans lining the sidewalk and not the aesthetic we want. We don’t want to look like that neighbor who never puts his cans away.

The cost for the new trash carts + enclosures is significant but they will be in place for a number of years. The current receptacles have been in place over 25 years.

The number to purchase and whether purchasing needs to be phased over budget years must be considered due the DDA’s limited budget and bond commitment.  The Clawson DDA does not have the budget of many of our neighbors. The final accounting for the 2021-22 budget year, which just ended, showed tax revenue at $159,000 with $100,000
dedicated to bond payments and interest.

Meanwhile the DDA has several projects that need attention from a new landscaping plan & maintenance to clock repair (the students fundraising efforts did not meet the full cost) to streetscape and parking improvements and more.

The DDA is fiscally conservative and we stretch our funds by taking every opportunity to acquire sponsorships and grants. We do not lose sight of any issues large or small and continue to plan and look for funding to assist.

Please share your thoughts and questions with us so we can best move forward.

Joan Horton
DDA Director