Friday, January 26

We’ve been meeting with a small focus group to talk about how people get news an what news we need to share about the downtown.
We learned:

  • People are interested in news from our DDA board meetings and want it sent in a newsletter & placed on the website. Not everyone gets news from social media!
  • Add an event calendar to the website. A list is nice but calendar view is better

So, we are changing things up!  An event calendar is now on the website that we are busy trying to populate. We added an In the News icon to the homepage and this is the first posting in the new format.

Now, on to the news from the Director Report in the January DDA board meeting:
Director Report
Downtown Businesses

  • Interior building plans were submitted for Zeoli’s Italian Restaurant, 126 E. 14 Mile. Redevelopment Liquor License application is moving through the process
  • Revised plans were submitted for 116-118-122-140 S. Main (Laundry Palace plaza) in order to be on the Planning Commission agenda for the January 23rd meeting
  • New signage is required for some of the businesses in the Torakis properties, 41-45-47-49-53 E. 14 Mile. The Planning Commission has approved the conceptual design for Noble Fish. There is the possibility of business changes in the property which will be reported when a determination is firm.

Main Street

  • There is a Main Street Conference – The Connected Downtown; Tech to Trails – to be held in Ferndale on Feb 15 & 16. The event is free but registration is required
  • Reminder; The annual Main Street evaluation for certification is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27. Board members, committee members and city staff will be asked to meet with the evaluation team.

Traffic consultant Cheryl Gregory of Spalding DeDecker is currently working with TIA, Clawson’s traffic engineering firm, to determine what services & studies  can be provided under the contract with TIA for the 14 Mile & Main intersection traffic flow and pedestrian safety review in order to determine what Spalding DeDecker will need to provide. Cheryl’s services are  provided at no cost to the DDA as part of a Technical Visit provided to the DDA and is one of the benefits of qualifying as a Main Street Community.

We also have an important announcement.

Thank you for your past sponsorship, chili cooking or just plain attending  Downtown Clawson’s Fire and Ice with Spice event. We are currently working to revamp, reinvent and renew this event and will discontinue Fire & Ice for this year while we continue tinkering.
We are focusing our efforts on creating the very best of community events for the benefit of our downtown businesses, residents and visitors.

We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions!
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