An informational meeting to explain all the details of the upcoming resurfacing of 14 Mile and Main Streets has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm at City Hall in the Community Room.

A letter was hand delivered by the city engineering department to businesses on Friday, March 30 with details about the project and the informational meeting. A copy of the letter is available here: Road Construction Letter.

A copy of an email message to the DDA from Harry Drinkwine explaining the late notice follows:

  • The letting, or bid opening occurred on March 2nd as previously discussed. No contact with the contractor can be made until a contract is signed between MDOT & the contractor, which occurred a week ago.
  • A preconstruction meeting was held with the contractor yesterday and all others involved in the process. It was at that time they presented their tentative schedule, which is subject to MDOT’s final approval.
  • Since this project is to be fast tracked, the informational meeting has been scheduled for next Wednesday.
  • It is my responsibility to coordinate all of these events and keep the city manager, council and all affected informed. You have received all of the information available in the same timeframe as they have!

Having talked to all of the businesses as I handed out the information, the overall response were positive. Obviously no one wants any type of inconvenience, but understood the necessity.

Harry G. Drinkwine
Director of Engingeering Services
City Of Clawson
635 W. Elmwood Ave.
Clawson, MI  48017
O: 248 288-3222
C: 248 933-3585