The weekly wrap-up from Engineering……

Upon completing the asphalt removals necessary in phase 1, field inspections showed that the amount of sectional base concrete replacement is far less than anticipated. (That’s a good thing -$$$) Based on those findings the sectional removals and replacement scheduled for today was not necessary and called off. There isn’t a lot of activity out there today as a result of the changes, however there is a crew onsite saw cutting for other concrete work such as  curbing replacement, manhole & catch basin work, ADA ramps, driveway replacements and some intersection work at High & 14 Mile. That work will all begin Monday morning. The pace of work will noticeably pick up as of Monday to keep the May 18th phase 1 completion and open to traffic schedule on track.

Harry G. Drinkwine
Director of Engingeering Services
City Of Clawson
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C: 248 933-3585