We’re nearing the finish line on the road project!
Here’s t:he latest update from the Engineering Department:

Due to the heavy rains today we are pushing back tomorrows scheduled paving to Friday. There will no doubt be some areas of ponding water tomorrow morning that will need to be addressed. We need dry pavement! After today weather indicates to be in our favor.


  1. Brick paver work will continue Thursday, Friday & Monday
  2. De-watering and paving prep-work Thursday
  3. Final paving on 14 Mile Friday
  4. Final paving on Main St. Saturday.
  5. Sunday paving permitted (if necessary).
  6. Open to traffic Monday with temporary lane markings. New asphalt needs to weather at least 3+ days before permanent markings are placed. Permanent markings after the Holiday. (Not Movie Day 7-7-18)
  7. Center Left Turn lanes @ 14 Mile to remain closed until electronic left turn arrow sensors are completed all four directions. Company installing the sensors will work on that Monday.

Harry G. Drinkwine

Director of Engineering Services
City Of Clawson
635 W. Elmwood Ave.
Clawson, MI  48017
O: 248 288-3222
C: 248 933-3585