Road Construction News

The latest from the Engineering Department…

An Informational Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 4 to provide details on the 14 Mile and Main road resurfacing project.
Project Scope
  • mill off 4 inches of asphalt, repair road base as needed, replace asphalt
  • fix drainage problems and water pooling in on-street parking areas
  • rehabilitate curbing, manholes and catch basins as needed


  • Orange cones will begin showing up on site this week
  • Next week road work signage will be in place & surveyors will be on site
  • Lane closures begin the week of April 15 as follows:
    •  north half of 14 Mile from Washington to Bellevue
    • east half of Main Street from Gardner to Broadacre
  • Traffic lanes will be open in both directions on each road at all times during the project
  • It is anticipated this phase will be completed in mid-May and traffic will then shift to the opposite side of each road
  • All roadwork is expected to be complete by July 1st – weather permitting
  • Entire project including landscaping and incidental items to be completed by the end of July
  • Access to all municipal lots will remain open at all times
  • On-street parking will be accessible on the side of the road with open traffic lanes.
  • Driveway access will be closed for as short a term as possible in order to pour concrete for new drive aprons
  • Engineering will work with property/business owners to find alternate parking & shared parking options during drive closures. Some drives may need to be done in two halves to allow continued access
The Intersection
  • Left turns will not be allowed 14 & Main intersection during the project
The Informational Meeting may be downloaded from the City of Clawson on the Streaming Media Page.
Scroll down to Special Events and download the Informational Meeting.We wil post new information on our website and send out to businesses on a regular basis.Questions and concerns may be sent anytime to Harry ‬Drinkwine at or call the cell at ‭(248) 933-3585‬.

Please feel free to also contact DDA Director Joan Horton or copy on any information requests. We will be happy to help answer your information requests.

Joan Horton
Director Clawson DDA
cell 248.219.4022