The DDA received the award plaque from the American Planning Association at the City Council meeting last night, Jill Bahm and Rod Arroyo of our planning firm Giffels Webster were kind enough to accept the award for us at the convention in New York and bring it to Clawson.

It’s quite an honor for our little downtown to be recognized on a national level. This is really a big deal folks! We want to thank all of the people who took the time to answer surveys, participate in public meetings and all of the other activities that helped us collect information to craft a plan that will help our downtown to continue to be the best Downtown Clawson is can be.

n the photo on the right: L-R; Melodie Nichols, DDA Design Committee member & Historical Museum Curator, Mary Liz Curtin, DDA Board Chair, Joan Horton, DDA Executive Director, Jill Bahm, Planner Giffels Webster and Rod Arroyo, Planner Giffels Webster